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Meilenstein in Martigny

Roman milestone at Bourg-Saint-Pierre VS



Publication of the first number of the Magazine of the Cultural Routes in Switzerland about the Valais.



Inventorisation on behalf of the cantons Berne, Schaffhausen and Solothurn. Start of the projects Cultural Routes in Switzerland and Transport History of Switzerland. The chocolate coin of the Swiss Heimatschutz and Pro Natura is sold to support Cultural Routes in Switzerland. National Heritage Day about historic traffic; ViaStoria is a organizing partner of the NIKE (National information desk for heritage preservation).



ViaStoria centre of transport history created out of the IVS organization. The year 2003 sees the close of the inventory of the Swiss Confederation and therefore the end of the Swiss Federal mandate. Starting in 2004, FEDRO will commission a private planning bureau with specialized consulting at a national level.



Partial completion of IVS documentations by cantons



Change of supervisory body: from the Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape (SAEFL) to the Swiss Federal Roads Authority (FEDRO)



Participation of ViaStoria (IVS) in the European Heritage Days, organized by NIKE on September 11, 1999



Award of the Cultural Prize of the Swiss Alpine Club to ViaStoria (IVS) for the maintenance and restoration of the historical traffic routes, especially in the alpine regions.



Award of the Binding Prize for the protection of nature and of the environment in acknowledgement for the exemplary public information work associated with the realization of the inventory



Renovation of several historical traffic routes according to the consultings of ViaStoria (IVS): Septimer pass GR, Stockalperweg on the Simplon pass VS – base project for the Stiftung Simplon – Ecomuseum und Passwege – , Susten and Grimsel BE, Splugen GR, Col du Jaman FR, Piottino TI, etc. Further ViaStoria (IVS) initiates the restoration of several parts of the St. James pilgrims route and is still the coordination office for the  St. James trails through Switzerland.



Publication of several pamphlets and books on roman roads, alpine passes and pilgrims routes in collaboration with Switzerland Tourism.



The chocolate coin of the Swiss Heimatschutz is sold to support ViaStoria (IVS). It helps to renovate four objects in the cantons of Bern, Fribourg, Grisons and Ticino.



Confirmation of the IVS in the federal law on foot- and hiking-paths, paragraph 4



Start of the Inventory of historical traffic routes in Switzerland IVS. Both the project and the organization have the same name IVS.