Investigating and maintaining historical traffic routes

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Website of the Cultural Routes of Switzerland

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Historical traffic routes are preserved in many ways, and they all are harmoniously integrated in our extensive cultural landscape. Sunken lanes cut deeply into the slopes, cobbled mule tracks, and ingenious roads that overcome the Alpine passes with countless bends; all these track forms are today precious landscape elements that offer, in various situations a highly valuable experience.

ViaStoria, the Center of Transport History, has for more than 25 years done its utmost for research, renovation and the appropriate use of historical traffic routes. On behalf of the Swiss Confederation, the organisation created in the years 1984–2003 the Inventory of historical traffic routes in Switzerland (IVS).

Research, counseling and information are the three most important domains of activity of ViaStoria. At present, the main fields of work are the tourism project Cultural Routes of Switzerland and the research and publications project Transport Historiy of Switzerland. Still ViaStoria is a competent partner for inventorisation and renovation in the cantons. In the context of this works ViaStoria publishes several magazines and other printed products.